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Escape Veloctiy


Mark Walden

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Overlord Protocol

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Escape Velocity is the third book in the H.I.V.E. series.



Nero is kidnapped by H.O.P.E., the Hostile Operative Prosecution Executive, a new anti-terrorist organisation, and the Contessa takes over H.I.V.E. as headmaster. Otto, Wing, Laura , Shelby and Raven are forced to escape the school and join forces with Diabolus Darkdoom, Nigel's supposedly dead father, who takes charge from a massive submarine known as the Megalodon. However, it soon emerges that Overlord, inside Number One's body, is behind the entire plot. Otto is Number One's clone, designed as a perfect host body for Overlord. He only narrowly escapes being taken over, and is forced to delete H.I.V.E.mind in the process. Meanwhile, H.I.V.E. is invaded by Number One's personal executioners known as the Reapers. When the Reapers land in the hangar bay and all hope seems lost, the Contessa sacrifices herself to save the school by setting off a massive puddle of jet fuel.



  • Otto Malpense
  • Laura Brand
  • Shelby Trinity
  • Wing Fanchu
  • Dr Nero
  • Raven
  • Franz Argentblum
  • Nigel Darkdoom
  • Diabolous Darkdoom
  • Ms Leon
  • Professor Pike
  • Colonol Francisco
  • Firdavis Shereali


  • Block
  • Tackle
  • The Contessa
  • Overlord
  • Sebastian Trent


Books in the H.I.V.E series.
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