Interception Point
Interception Point


Mark Walden

Preceded by

Escape Velocity

Followed by


First published by


Publish Date


Interception Point is a small book which was released on March 5, 2009 for World Book Day and became best selling. It is paired with another book called Spook's Tale.

Interception Point takes place between Escape Velocity and Dreadnought.


Otto Malpense and his three friends are on an urgent mission. A top-secret optic suit has been captured by special forces and must be retrieved before the forces of 'good' can analyze its technology.

Only, the suit is being transported to secure facility on a high speed armored train with the latest automated defense systems.

Otto and Wing come up with a plan to retrieve but so do Laura and Shelby.

The race is on to get to the suit first.

But as the train speeds through Europe it becomes clear that this might just be an elaborate trap...




  • Otto Malpense
  • Shelby Trinity
  • Wing Fanchu
  • Laura Brand
  • Raven
  • Dr. Nero
  • Professor Pike


  • Sebastian Trent

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