Miss Tabitha Leon is in charge of Stealth and Evasion lessons in H.I.V.E. She taught her pupils how to remain unseen and how to move and act silently. She speaks in a French accent.


Life at H.I.V.E.

She and Professor Pike attempted in imbuing a cat's agility and prowess into a human, the human being herself. But the experiment somehow malfunctioned and Ms Leon woke up as a cat the next morning. Although she hates being a white cat, she told her students that being a cat does have its personal advantages. Her cat appearance is a fluffy white cat and she uses a speech synthesis unit from her collar to speak to her peers and students. As much as she likes the cat's agility and quickness, she wants her former body returned and often fights with Professor Pike for it. In Aftershock, Tom Ransom touches her, not knowing she was a cat (because he was new), then when Ms Leon asked, "What do you think you're doing" he jumped away, then Otto, Wing, Laura and Shelby started teasing him about it for the rest of his H.I.V.E life. 

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