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Otto Malpense


H.I.V.E. Alpha stream student


Short in height with spiky white hair. Also mark says he is based of a cat. Yup.






Higher Institute of Villainous Education The Overlord Protocol Escape Velocity Dreadnought Rogue Zero Hour Aftershock Deadlock

Otto Malpense is an Alpha stream student of H.I.V.E.

As a baby he was abandoned outside an orphanage in London where he grew up and by thirteen was running of it. As a toddler he taught himself to read and had an unusual ability of being able to instantly memorize and recall information. He is a fast learner, he has a gift of reading very fast. When he was young he would go to the library and read many paperback books a day.


Higher Institue of Villainous EducationEdit

Otto was abandoned outside St. Sebastian's orphanage after birth and lived there for 12 years, teaching himself and improving the orphanage for his and the residents' benefit and use. A letter from the government is sent to the orphanage saying it is about to be closed down by the Prime Minister, to save money. Otto hypnotizes the Prime Minister into insulting then mooning an audience. For this, he is taken to H.I.V.E. by Raven. There he meets Wing Fanchu who becomes his best friend as well as Laura Brand who enjoys to discuss computers and electronics with Otto, and Shelby Trinity (who is actually the world famous jewel thief "The Wraith"). They all team up to try and escape from H.I.V.E.

Dr. Nero orders Raven, his assassin, to keep a close eye on Otto after he discovers that Number One himself (the leader of G.L.O.V.E.) had sponsored his admission to H.I.V.E. Otto's escape plan hinged on shutting down H.IV.E.mind with an EMP, then escaping in a submarine.

However, H.I.V.E.mind convinces them to take him along making their plan easier. Upon arrival at the submarine pen they walk into a bare concrete cell where Dr. Nero reveals that the blueprints Otto saw were planted by him and that there was no submarine pen. He also reveals that he replaced their EMP with a non-functional replica. Their whole plan was destined for failure from the beginning, its purpose to teach them a lesson - You can't escape from H.I.V.E.

The school is then attacked by Violet, a carnivorous plant created by Nigel Darkdoom. Otto manages to destroy it by modifying several sleeper guns to cause a rock fall on top of the plant's nerve cluster, saving the school. Otto seizes his chance to escape and takes Wing to the aircraft hangar, intending on escaping in a Shroud dropship . Wing, however, refuses to go, claiming the necklace he saw on Nero's neck was the other half of the one given to him by his mother. He refuses to go until he can uncover the mystery.

Overlord ProtocolEdit

In the Overlord Protocol he travels with Wing to Wing's fathers funeral. When the safehouse comes under attack Wing is shot by Cypher with a tranquiliser gun which shocks Otto due to Wing being his best friend.  Otto and Raven manage to escape to a safe house in the dock area. They parachute from a Shroud which comes to rescue them as it's about to blow up and then land in Cypher's facility which is located in a crater below the ground.

Otto manages to blow up the manufacturing line for Cypher's robot assasins that are being built to destroy HIVE then rescues Raven from one of the larger robots. They escape from the facility and return to HIVE, where the Contessa has taken over. Otto and Professor Pike switch HIVEmind off and on again to restore the A.I. to his original setting enabling him to function with human emotion. HIVEmind is allowed access to the whole internet and use it's processing power to hack into Cypher's control centre and takes over one of the robots, using it to defeat Cypher.

Escape VelocityEdit

Dr Nero has been captured by the Hostile Operative Prosecution Executive, or H.O.P.E., a brutal new agency. It is up to Otto to save him, but first he needs to escape from the Contessa, Dr Nero's new replacement. She sedates all the students, but Otto, Wing, Laura and Shelby are rescued from the Contessa by Raven. They escape on a Shroud, which Raven flies to Diabolus Darkdoom's submarine, the Megalodon.

Otto uses his power to interface with computers to convince Darkdoom of the feasibility of Otto's plan to hack into the MI6 server, Deepcore. They do this and find where Nero is being held. Then, H.I.V.E.mind, in the shape of one of Cypher's assassin droids, is picked up by the Megalodon. He, Otto, Darkdoom, Laura, Shelby, Wing, Raven and H.I.V.E.mind go to save Nero.

They manage to break Nero out and give him a thermoptic camoflague suit, but Sebastian Trent uses an EMP device to disable the suits' camoflaguing capabilities. He, Nero, Darkdoom and Wing are captured, but Otto's modifications to H.I.V.E.mind's thermoptic camoflague suit is successful, meaning he is still invisible. Number One is revealed as a traitor.

Nero and Otto are blasted into space onto Number One's hideout, a satellite 300 miles above the earth. Number One is revealed to have been taken over by Overlord, a psychotic AI that was designed by G.L.O.V.E to serve, but turned on its masters.

Overlord tries to take over Otto, but H.I.V.E.mind, who managed to stow away on the shuttle, attacks Overlord. He stops Overlord from taking over Otto, and persuades Otto to delete both him and Overlord while he still has control. He is deleted in the struggle, and both the AIs are presumed dead. Otto and Nero return to the Megalodon via the escape pod on Number One's satellite, where his friends greet him.


The story starts with Otto and his friends introducing themselves to Lucy Dexter, a new girl at H.I.V.E., they all quickly become friends. Meanwhile, Otto and Laura are worried about their impending survival trip whilst Shelby and Wing are looking forward to it. Lucy asks if she can join their teams, which they all agree to.

On the way to the training trip they stop off at the Dreadnought, Diabolous Darkdoom's new command vessel. Otto is immediately impressed with the scale of the massive airship. That's when trouble hits the fan!


Otto is captured by Sebastian Trent and injected with Animus which makes him obey every order that is given to him, even to attack his friends.  

Later it is revealed that Overlord is still inside the computer implanted in his brain.


Otto is short with white spiky hair and blue eyes (revealed to be an exact clone to Number One in Escape Velocity). Though he isn't exactly the fittest H.I.V.E. student or the most talented at martial arts he does have a few talents in that area, though with regard to self-defence he prefers using a quick nerve pinch.


  • Hacking - one of Otto's talents but his method differs to that of is friend Laura who is also a skilled hacker.  Otto generally goes for a more brute-force method as opposed to Laura who uses a more delicate way.
  • Memory - Otto has a perfect photographic memory. He absorbs information like a sponge. This is revealed to be due to the fact he has a computer device implanted into his skull designed to host Overlord.
  • Self-defence - though not one of his talents he can still defend himself but mainly by means of a nerve pinch which isn't very effective in all situations. Wing starts to tutor him in self-defence in Dreadnought. In Rogue, while under the effects of Animus, Ghost trains Otto in many skills, including self-defense. Otto appears to retain these skills, as shown when he eliminated other students in a training exercise.


  • Wing - Otto and Wing share a bedroom at HIVE and are undeniably more than just best friends. Their relationship was cemented right in the first book, when Otto, after spending an entire freaking book attempting to escape from H.I.V.E., stayed back because Wing begged him to, as he needed to learn more about the second half of his necklace—sorry, amulet—which was in Dr Nero's possession (no, this Jewelry Obsession Thing is not considered unusual, move on). Probably some Deep, Meaningful, Soulful Looks of Angst were exchanged during this, but Mark edited them out. Otto orders, Wing follows; Otto commands, Wing obeys; Otto dominates, Wing...*cough* well, he kind of lets him. This has always been the status quo, and there's no reason to believe it would have changed in the bedroom. Which they share. Just reminding all those who might have forgotten. Therefore, Otting trumps WFOM, which looks like the name of a J-Pop band. Or something.
  • Laura - Otto, for all his great ZOMG GENIUS IQ!!! is a total and complete idiot when it comes to Laura. While Wing and Shelby flirt shamelessly (and possibly snog each other senseless), these two just keep on blushing at each other. It was cute at first, but we got tired of it after around 6 books of this nonsense. This blushing, along with a love for computers and electronics, forms the common bond between Otto and Laura. They go through all the stages of a badly written Hindi soap opera-they love each other, they are too shy to admit it, New Girl (Lucy) steals His affections, She is heartbroken, New Girl is conveniently killed off because obviously character death is an easier way to resolve things than merely breaking up, some more Angst, Girl and Boy confess love in an Impossible Situation where there is Angst, Betrayal, and a suicide on the part of the reader. Yay Ottra.
  • Lucy - Lucy is a character who exists only to change the "we blush at each other all the time but doing anything about it is too mainstream" dynamic of Ottra by conveniently becoming Otto's love interest. No, it is not questioned why he suddenly decides to ignore 4 books of blushing at Laura and get together with Lucy (STOP QUESTIONING IT DAMMIT JUST ACCEPT IT AS AN IDIOTIC PLOT DEVICE AND MOVE ON ALREADY!). Then, because rabid Ottra fans threatened to go all Raven on Mark's butt, Mark conveniently killed her off in Book 6, where she throws herself in front of a bullet for Otto and dies telling him she loves him. Even Romeo and Juliet rip-offs roll their eyes at how clichéd that is. Very conveniently, however, she is not mentioned ever again, and Otto does not seem to care about the fact that his ex died to save him out of her Everlasting Undying Luuuuurve for him, and goes back to blushing at Laura. Joy. No wonder Otto and Lucy never got their Official Celebrity Couple Name.
  • Shelby - Shelby is Otto's good friend and rival, and their teasing and verbal spars are the highlight of the group's interactions. Shelby is probably the only one besides Otto who actually belongs in Alpha Stream, and wasn't put there by accident (or via a drunk!Nero). After the disappointing levels of Wingelby and the utter failure of Ottra, Shotto/Ottelby is another potential ship we can jump aboard. One problem with that is it sounds ridiculus. Well who ever said celeb couple names make sense! Now I'm arguing with myself. Yay.
  • Franz - We assume he's Otto's friend, because he's (wrongly) in Alpha and H.I.V.E. is creepily cliquey, but weirdly enough, Otto only ever really interacts with Wing, Shelby, or Laura (if blushing counts as interaction).
  • Nigel - Ditto.
  • Tom and Penny - Otto was friends with Tom and Penny before H.I.V.E., when they would steal things for him upon his request. (Yeah, he's such a great influence on the little kiddies. That's role model material, right there.) When they arrive at H.I.V.E., Otto is glad to see them and convinces them to help them steal the test papers. (Yes, the first thing he makes them do after seeing them years later is steal something else. Like I said, role model material.)
  • Block and Tackle - They are basically Generic Henchman #1 and Generic Henchman #2 who, like all Generic Henchmen, have only enough brainpower to hate the Protagonist's guts, and exist only to add some action to the books when the Ottra Blushing gets boring. Don't worry, Wing is always there to Save The Day~! (No, one does NOT ask how two playground bullies ended up at H.I.V.E., which only-supposedly-admits the Best of the Best of the Best. Look, can you stop looking for logic in these books already?!)
  • Raven - No matter how you try to put it, Raven is basically Otto's glorified babysitter, employed by Nero to make sure he "stays safe" i.e. doesn't accidently kill himself. Considering the fact that his suicidal tendencies rival those of Bella Swan's (plus, all that blushing cannot be good for his health-are you supposed to have that much blood in your face 24/7?) Raven has her hands full. Let's give her a round of applause and a standing ovation and then get the hell out of here before she kills us all.
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