Tom Ransom


H.I.V.E. Student


Brown hair, brown eyes, tall


Theft, Leadership




Higher Institute of Villainous Education Aftershock

Tom Ransom appears in Higher Institute of Villainous Education and Aftershock.

He is slightly older than Otto. He used to attend the same orphanage as Otto and Penny, helping her to steal things for Otto, which they always managed to do succesfully.


Life before H.I.V.E.

Tom, was in a care home, his family were not known within the books, he was in the care home along with Penny and Otto before Otto got taken off to H.I.V.E.

After Otto disappeared, he and Penny became a crime team, stealing from the overly well-off members of society. They were dubbed "The Hoods", which was how they came to attract the attention of H.I.V.E.


In the first part of Aftershock they appear as Raven abduts them and are then taken to H.I.V.E. and placed in the Alpha Stream, incidently ending up in the same years as Otto and his friends. He and Penny quickly start to fit in, and get along well with Shelby, Wing and Laura.

In his first Stealth and Evasion class, he began stroking Ms Leon, unknowing that she was actually a teacher, he later received a lot of grief about it from Otto and co.

He and Penny end up in the same team as Otto for the Hunt. At the end of the book Tom is kidnapped and taken to Glasshouse with Laura, Nigel and Penny.


Tom is tall and good-looking with brown eyes and hair to match.

He has some pretty in-depth knowledge when it comes to breaking into places and is impressed when he discovers that Shelby is the Wraith, due to a number of her legendary raids before she came to H.I.V.E.

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