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    H.I.V.E. Fanon Wiki

    August 4, 2012 by Falcon31

    A new wiki is now up, this one is for fanfiction related to Earthfall and/or H.I.V.E. so please visit to post comments, write your own fanon or just to check it out.

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  • Falcon31

    Stay ~ A Naven Fanfic

    January 12, 2012 by Falcon31

    I'm a seriously HUGE fan of the Raven/Nero pairing, if there's any scene in the HIVE books with Nero and Raven in it I have a tendancy to go all fangirly, :-)

    This fanfic is based on the song "Stay" by Hurts, I recommend you listen to it while reading this fanfic.


    Nero sat in the chair in his office, he swallowed once, nervously. He couldn't keep this hidden any longer, he needed to tell her, Natalya. How he felt.

    My whole life,

    Waiting for the right time,

    To tell you how I feel...

    Raven walked into his office, a slight smile touching her face. Nero sighed, she was so beautiful. 'Yes Max?' she asked. Nero opened his mouth, but nothing came out, how could he say this?

    And though I try to,

    Tell you that I need you...

    'I love you,' Max whi…

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    Wing/Shelby fanfic: A Ring

    September 8, 2011 by Falcon31

    I've written quite a few H.I.V.E. fanfics and have a tendancy to be very critical about them XD. Some of my fav pairings to write about are Raven/Nero and....*drumroll* Wing/Shelby *applause* Yay!!!! Here's one of several I've written:

    'For heaven's sake Wing,' sighed Otto, 'Would you just go and do it.' Wing was pacing agitatedly around Otto and Laura's large living room. 'Otto's right,' put in Laura, 'Shel will be probably be fed up with waiting by now.' Wing paused his pacing and slumped down into a near-by chair. 'But what if she rejects me?' he asked worriedly. Otto and Laura exchanged a disbelieving glance, 'Wing,' began Otto slowly, 'You've faced some of the most feared villains alive, me injected with Animus, the Overlord and a m…

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