Verity was one of Sebastian Trent's assassins, the other being her sister Constance. She worked for H.O.P.E. until her death in Rogue.


Verity and Constance are first seen in Escape Velocity, when they attack Otto, Wing, Shelby and Laura who have just found the imprisoned Nero's location from MI6's Deepcore.

Later, the two sisters face Raven. Constance is killed in this encounter, and Verity plunges off a cliff.

Her body was pulled from the wreckage and Sebastian Trent has her fused with cybernetic implants to make her a cyborg. Because of these mechanics, she is vulnerable to Otto's powers, which ultimately lead to her demise. She has inhuman strength when she is turned into a machine and nearly killed Raven in Rouge, but Nero distracted her


Verity and Constance are both originally from Britain and have an upper-class accent. They both have long blonde hair, pulled back from their faces in a pony-tail. They are both very a like, since they are twins. You can't tell which is which. Their faces mirror each other.


She is an excellent martial artist and, as Ghost, defeats Raven many times in hand-to-hand combat. She can also use firearms with proficiency. She has a similar weapon to Raven's katana, a white staff with a blue variable geometry projected force field. Her sister also has the same weapon. It kinda has an electricity cover like Raven's katana.

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